Weather COVID-19 in Style

Weather COVID-19 in Style

  • Laurie Kane
  • 03/17/20
I recently wrote an article about unforeseen life changes and setbacks that are constantly thrown our way and whether we viewed these as challenges or opportunities! I think the COVID-19 is clear evidence of drastic life challenges. While no one could have anticipated this worldwide pandemic, I’m confident that as one resilient nation, we will overcome this too. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, the new procedure is that we self-quarantine and maintain social distancing! 

Do we see this as a setback? Or do we make it into an opportunity? During these scary times, we must stay positive and do things that will make us feel good! Shut the tv off and don’t let COVID-19 paralyze you. Instead, let’s keep our minds occupied and turn these dark times into productive opportunities. Challenge yourself....and weather the storm in style! You can turn your house into a Shabby Chic home without spending any money or venturing out. The photos shared were simply accomplished by applying some trendy colors and re-arranging furniture!

The link below offers a step-by-step guide to transforming your home...These tips shouldn’t require much or any spending at all…Have fun and enjoy your alone time!
Click here!

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